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Uni was the supreme goddess of the Etruscan pantheon and the patron goddess of Perugia (Italy), identified by the Etruscans as their equivalent of Juno in Roman mythology.
Etruscan civilization is the modern name given to a civilization of ancient Italy thrived in the area now known as Veio Regional Park.
In the Etruscan tradition Uni grants access to immortality to the demigod Hercules by offering her breast milk to him and is considered the queen of the Gods and the Goddess of reproduction and fertility.

When we thought about setting up an all-natural food ingredients company, which is based in the heart of the pristine Veio Regional Park, it came pretty natural to connect the goddess name of “Uni” with the word “Natura”, the Italian word for “Nature”.
That is how Uninatura came about: ancient mythology coupled with the very best Mother Nature offers to us.
Wholesome natural products produced in an uncontaminated and beautiful environment to meet the needs of the most sophisticated international operators.

Uninatura is a young company but, nonetheless, it possesses an extensive multi-year experience in the gelato raw ingredients business.
Its founders and management team have accumulated many years of invaluable experience in selecting the right raw ingredients to create unique natural products for fresh gelato makers.
If you are looking for products to make top-quality, all-natural, delicious, artisanal gelato, Uninatura is the best partner you may want to choose to grow your business.